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Apparatebau GmbH

Certificate ISO 9001


CALDYN Apparatebau GmbH is situated in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe in Germany. International agencies can be found in France and Beglium.

Company building
Headquartered in Ettlingen/Germany

Since its foundation in 1973 by Prof. Dr. J. M. Chawla, CALDYN has been developing numerous products and processes based on own research and development mainly in the fields of: atomization technology, quenching and evaporation, gas cleaning and CO2-evaporation.

Innovative inventions such as two-phase nozzles with internal mixing chamber have strongly influenced the development of CALDYN.

Since 2001, our company is resumed in the second generation and has 10 employees.

Fundamental idea

The fundamental idea of our products is based on our distinct awareness of the evironment. Using CALDYN products allows strict adherence to legal limits for various pollutants (NOx, SO2, dust etc) , and keeps the air and water clean and thus preserves a vital environment. Our efforts to use products with low energy consumption help to conserve the earth’s limited natural resources for future generations.


Due to a conscientious selection of our suppliers and a close co-operation with them, we are able to satisfy customers‘ requests at short notice. The reliability of our suppliers allows us to observe our delivery dates promised by us strictly.


Highly motivated employees manufacture our products with extraordinary diligence. Synergies are consistently used and courses of manufacture are continuously checked and improved.

Sales department

On questions and inquiries from our clients or interested persons/parties our employees always work immediately. Our detailed quotations reach the interested person within shortest time. Due to the direct contact between our customers and the responsible engineer technical wishes and requirements can always be realized. A conscientious care for the plants and components delivered by us is a matter of course for us. Should there be, however, any reasons for complaint, these will be regulated fairly and unbureaucratically. The satisfaction of our customers is of prime importance for us. Our plants resp. components contribute to a continuous and efficient industrial process at customers' site.


By various measures like economic purchase of raw materials, efficient organisation of our staff, high quality production with contstant quality control, marketing and sales done by competent experts and continuous technical innovation we are endeavoured to preserve and to improve our long-term competitiveness. Our future-oriented management represents technical progress, continual innovation and economical competence.