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CO2-evaporator CL


Energy from the environmental air! The CO2-evaporator allows an evaporation without using any fuel. Évaporation of liquid CO2 has been successful in:

  • Drinks industry

  • Breweries

  • Food industry

  • Inerting of silos

  • Foundries

Main advantages

Low capital investment by special design! Many advantages that enable you to reduce your costs:

  • Compared to other evaporation systems more than 97 % energy saving.

  • No fuel is required.

  • Short pay-back period within a few years.

  • Easy modification of existing plants.

  • Very little maintenance is required

  • Automatic operation

  • In general no inspection or supervision duty.

  • Long operational period

  • The evaporator can be installed on the floor or mounted at the ceiling.


Liquid carbon dioxide is taken from a tank, completely evaporated in the evaporator and fed to the point of use. In order to ensure safe defrosting of the evaporator, two units connected are operated in parallel. The units are switched over at specific intervals using a time switch. While one unit is in operation, the other one is being defrosted. The only energy consumption of this evaporator at temperatures higher than + 5 °C is for the blowers for air flow through the evaporator.

Scope of supply

Choose among different designs::

  • copper pipes / aluminium fins / mild steel housing

  • stainless steel pipes / al-gold laquer fins / al housing

CO2-evaporators are available in different sizes. The automatical defrosting is included in our scope.


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