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Atomizing systems

Two-phase nozzles

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Single-phase nozzles

Single-phase nozzles CED


CALDYN hydraulic full cone nozzles are versatile and reliable! The CALDYN hydraulic nozzles are used for:

  • the spraying on mass transfer packings

  • scrubbing and cooling of flue gas and separators

  • atomization of liquids into comparatively large droplets

  • sprinkling of surfaces with liquids

Main advantages

Economical and solid. The advantages of hydraulic nozzles CED are:

  • almost plugging-free

  • low price

We manufacture complete nozzle systems from one hand.

Scope of supply

CALDYN delivers full cone nozzles and complete nozzle lances made of stainless steel. Other materials or nozzle types can be offered on request.


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