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NOx-reduction systems


Atomizing systems delivered by CALDYN for reducing NOx have been used successfully since 1990. CALDYN offers sophisticated components for SCR and SNCR processes. These systems can be used in:

  • cement industry (Here CALDYN offers highly economical solutions!)

  • fuel, gas and coal combustion

  • waste incineration

  • gas/diesel engines

Main advantages

Our experience - your advantage!
In the 1990s CALDYN substantially participated in the development of the SNCR process. Our long experience and our own production provide numerous advantages for you:

  • complete plants, designed for your requirements, all from one supplier

  • integration into existing plants/retrofit without significant efforts

  • low operating cost due to low compressed air consumption

  • extremely short evaporation distances in the SCR process

  • long wearing nozzles, hence little maintenance

  • the wide range of regulation of the nozzles also allows controlled spraying of smallest quantities

CALDYN has programmed software for calculating the evaporation distances, which are guaranteed.


Nitrogen oxides that cause pollution of the environment are converted to nitrogen and water by adding a reducing agent (urea solution or ammonia).

With the SCR process the reducing agent is injected at comparatively low temperatures and the nitrogen oxides are reduced to molecular nitrogen using a catalyst.

With the SNCR process the reducing agent is injected directly into the hot flue gas at temperatures of about 950 °C. The reducing agent reacts with the nitrogen oxides to water and nitrogen. The advantage of this method is the low capital investment. Retrofit is possible easily.

Scope of supply

Optimum adjustment to your requirements is our concern! Whether complete engineering, the delivery of lances with two phase nozzles CSL or the supply of atomising systems and their installation - close cooperation with the customer and highest flexibility are a matter of course for CALDYN.

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