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Demister and Deduster MULTIWIR


Careful cleaning of industrial exhaust gases with the CALDYN demister and deduster MULTIWIR. There are many possible applications:

  • Demisters guarantee a safe removal of droplets out of gases.

  • Coalescencers are used for aerosol enlargement in scrubbers of CALWIR systems.

  • Heat and mass transfer packings are used for saturating hot gases as well as for removal of pollutants.

  • Particle eliminators are used for the removal of dust.

  • Flow equalizers generate uniform and parallel flow of gases.

Main advantages

Reliable, robust but economical!

  • Little maintenance and low costs. MULTIWIR runs constantly and reliable.

  • Large distances between the strips avoid plugging

  • High removal efficiency at low pressure drop

  • The droplet eliminator can be installed in horizontal, inclined or vertical ducts providing safe removal of high droplet loads.

  • The MULTIWIR packings are very economical due to their robust and simple design.

  • The achieved cut-off droplet diameter is much smaller than with conventional droplet eliminators.

  • MULTIWIR packings can be delivered in various designs and materials.

  • Highest flexibility is achieved by possible variations in geometry.


The MULTIWIR packings consist of adjacent layers formed by straight strips. Alternate layers of the packing consist of strips of opposite inclination. The incoming gas stream with droplets/particles passes the packing and is divided into a large number of smaller streams. Crossing each other spatially they induce rotational motion in each other. Depending on the geometry of the packing, the rotation frequency of these vortices can amount to 400 per sec. are generated. Due to centrifugal forces the droplets/particles settle down at the surface of the strips. The vortices also increase the heat and mass transfer as well as the flow equalizing in a MULTIWIR packing.

Scope of supply

Individual and prompt, your interests are our priority! You will receive a product that matches your conditions and geometry. MULTIWIR packings are made of either stainless steel or PP. Moreover, we deliver complete gas cleaning systems including the necessary spraying technology for scrubber and/or flushing nozzles, that are specially designed and produced according to the actual requirement.

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