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The CALDYN quenching system comprises cooling/conditioning of hot flue gases to a defined temperature, especially before inlet of electro- or bag-filters. CALDYN systems are installed in:

  • chemical, glass or copper industry

  • zinc recycling industry

  • aluminium recycling industry

  • waste incineration plants

  • steel and cement industry

  • power plants

  • biomass plants and wood incineration

Main advantages

CALDYN uses lances with several nozzles. A peculiarity providing many advantages for you:

  • several small nozzles allow considerably shorter evaporation distances and thus smaller tower or duct dimensions

  • low capital investment and operating costs due to optimum individual design

  • the wide range of regulation (1:40) of our plants is excelling other systems especially during start-up and shut-down.

  • little maintenance is required as compared to other systems, using a CALDYN quenching system means:

    • tower and duct walls remain dry

    • lump formations are avoided

    • small temperature variations at gas outlet

  • As the CALDYN atomization system is plugging-free waste water or industrial water can be used without problems.

  • In CALDYN systems the balancing of water flow to the lances necessary when using serveral lances is realized as a standard.


Flüssigkeitstropfen werden mittels Water droplets are atomised into the gas stream by CALDYN two-phase nozzles CSL. The water droplets evaporate using the heat out of the flue gas.

Lump formations at the tower walls are avoided by using a CALDYN flow equalizer MULTIWIR. MULTIWIR provides a uniform gas flow parallel to the tower/duct axis.

The outlet temperature variations can be reduced down to +/- 5 K by optimal coordination of atomizing technology, temperature measurement, temperature controller and the water regulating system.

Scope of supply

Individual and prompt - your requirements are our concern. Our production enables us to achieve highest flexibility and quick completion of orders. With careful planning and close cooperation with you, our plants will be designed exactly according to your special requirements.

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