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Scrubber CALWIR


The CALDYN scrubber CALWIR is used for the efficient cleaning of industrial exhaust gases. Dust particles, aerosols and acid pollutants are safely removed out of gas streams.

Main advantages

Economical, flexible and efficient, the CALWIR system provides a lot of advantages:

  • Small tower dimensions, hence low capital investment.

  • Low operating cost because the required gas pressure drop and the compressed air consumption are low as compared to the removal efficiency.

  • The system is practically maintenance-free. The MULTIWIR packings used in the CALWIR system are plugging-free.

  • High flexibility is achieved by modular construction of the tower segments and the MULTIWIR packings.

  • Retrofit in existing scrubbers is possible easily.


Vapours are removed by diffusion between gas and liquid and absorption (physical and/or chemical) in liquid droplets or in a liquid film within a mass transfer packing. Solid particles and aerosols are removed by inertia forces after enlargement by water vapour condensation. The absorption of vapours and/or the removal of dust is realized by a scrubber with spray nozzles and a MULTIWIR droplet eliminator at the clean gas outlet.

Scope of supply

CALDYN offers engineering for planning and installation of scrubbers as well as the delivery of components such as MULTIWIR packings, lances and nozzles up to complete plants. Flexibility, great experience, close cooperation with the clients and an accurate completion of orders are our obligation.

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