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Two-phase nozzles

Two-phase nozzles CSL


Finest atomization of liquids using the two-phase nozzle CSL by CALDYN. Versatile and individual applicability single out this nozzle.

Some fields of application are:

  • injection of urea solution or ammonia solution at SNCR and SCR processes for reduction of NOx concentration in flue gases

  • cooling of hot flue gases in quenching systems

  • atomization of waste water, lime or soda solution in spray evaporators

  • air humidification, aerosol enlargement

Main advantages

Optimum efficiency and cost saving by special design:

  • low energy consumption even for smallest droplets

  • steam can be used as propellant instead of compressed air

  • long wearing, plugging-free nozzles due to low flow velocities and big outlet diameters

  • even liquids with solid contents and very viscous liquids can be atomised by this nozzle

  • optimum quality of atomization even at part load conditions

  • wide range of regulation with constant quality of atomization

  • very narrow droplet size distribution

  • any spraying angle requested can be achieved by using a combination of several nozzles in a nozzle cluster.

  • individual adjustment to your special requirements


The nozzle CSL and the principle of atomization developed by CALDYN has been proven as avery economical spraying technology. Liquid and gas are mixed at low velocities in a mixing chamber and accelerated to the sonic velocity of the two phase mixture (patented in 1976).

The atomization is achieved by the pressure jump at the outlet of the nozzle when the mixture is expanded in a gas. The largest stable droplet can exactly be defined!

The angle of atomization of a single CSL nozzle is 15°, therefore the atomization can be realized in very small channels.

For larger flow cross sections and any injection geometry several nozzles or nozzle clusters can be used.

Scope of supply

Our aim is a considerable reduction of your energy and propellant consumption. You will receive atomization systems individually adjusted to your very special requirements. Standard nozzles or complete plants including engineering - all can be delivered by our company.

The layout of your plant will be done according to your requirements regarding dimensions, material and construction. You choose an efficient product that meets highest standards.

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